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Trumpet & Backside Actor

Andrea began playing the trumpet in the Band of Castelfranco Emilia and later studied and graduated from the Conservatory-equivalent "Orazio Vecchi" Institute of Musical Studies in Modena under Maestro G. Pellegrini. After his diploma from ITIS "F. Corni", he pursued his music studies with M. Maur, G. Parodi and D. De Sena. At the "O. Vecchi" he holds the post of assistant teacher in the trumpet class, collaborating with tenured teachers L. Cognini, M. Vuono, and A. Tofanelli. Alongside his didactic vocation whereby he teaches music, solfège and music theory in state schools, he pursues a wide-ranging performing activity across different musical styles (classical, folk, movie soundtracks) and genres. He has performed with 42 brass and marching bands nationwide, including The Funky Fires, with a repertoire ranging from Jazz, to Soul, and Funky. He played in numerous musical productions for the Web, performing with Maestro F. Vetro and recording with A. Molinari (Zucchero's drummer), G. Zuppiroli (V. Caposela's string bass player) and A. Amaranti (guitarist with the band I nomadi). In 2001 he was invited to perform with the funky band Gli Scanari at the Braglia Stadium and at the Storchi Theatre in Modena for the official Top Modena Sport celebrations, with which the city paid homage to its sports champions (World Champion Ferrari, Modena Calcio and Modena Volley). Since 2011, he has been performing on numerous occasions with R. Frison's Ologramma theatre company and with the music band Me.Me, including concerts organized by the City of Modena for the International Holocaust Remembrance Day and various musical projects aimed at integrating and involving disabled children. One of his recordings is also played in the Luciano Pavarotti House Museum.

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