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 It slowly rises from the sea...

 The boats sleeping ashore.


- Drago Gervais, Poems in Chakavski, The sun of the West

The Girl with the Seagull, Opatija

Our heartfelt thanks go to the cosmopolitan cities whose audiences, prestigious concert halls and theatres warmly welcomed us, watched and listened to us. At the same time, we are grateful to all the diplomatic and public institutions, museums, associations and sponsors for supporting us in this initiative, facilitating its coordination and implementation.


Special mention goes to the women and men who managed to elevate their jobs or their roles to the all but obvious vocation of serving the community, so that in the future their efforts may be remembered as worthy of praise. 


© On stage, Francesco Iori

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© Barque Hrvat on 1875, PPMP Rijeka


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© Private collection

Deployment of the sails on the SMS Fasana propeller corvette, en route to equatorial waters in 1891. Built in Trieste by the San Marco Shipyards with an engine produced in Rijeka in 1862 and recovered from the Schwarzenberg frigate, she was launched in 1870 and transferred to the Pola Shipyard in 1871, to complete her sailing equipment. With her international crew, she sailed the seas and oceans of Europe, America, Asia and Oceania for purposes of scientific interest, as well as to establish commercial relations between the city of Pula and the rest of the world. 


Cf. Georg Pawlika (2002), "Im Taifun beinahe gekentert", in: Österreichs Schiffahrt in alten Ansichten, Album 4.


© Private collection

© Private collection

Sailor intent on writing to his loved ones.

© HHI Split

 We are practising  to reach you.


- Dolce Époque Team


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