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Matteo Matteo was born in Udine in 2001 and, at the age of 4, began studying piano, entering the "J. Tomadini" Conservatory of Music in Udine at the age of 9. He was initially a student of Prof. Tiziana Bortolin. He is currently studying with Prof. Luca Trabucco at the Conservatory "G. Tartini" in Trieste. Over the years, he has participated in numerous national competitions, in which he won two absolute first prizes in Martignacco and Finale Ligure; eight first prizes in Trieste, Povoletto, Martignacco, Malborghetto, Tolmezzo, Grado and Palmanova. He also won a scholarship for a master's degree in Verona with Prof. Ilaria Loatelli. In 2018, in a duo with Lorenzo Ritacco, he won a second prize at the "L. Caraian" competition in Trieste. He has also attended numerous master classes, including one with Maurizio Baglini, Marcella Crudeli, Irene Russo, Massimiliano Damerini, Borislava Taneva, Ilaria Loatelli, Pierluigi Camicia, and Christoph Eggner. 

He has performed in a 4-hand percussion and piano ensemble in Udine, Lubljana, Pordenone and Venice. He recently completed a three-year piano degree with a grade of 110 with honors. Passionate about economics, he is attending the first year of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Trieste

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