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Enrica Morini


Technical Supervisor

Enrica trained as a teacher at the "Carlo Sigonio" Institute in Modena, whose former illustrious students include Maestro L. Pavarotti and singer-songwriter F. Guccini. Then she went on to graduate with honours in Architecture from the Biagio Rossetti University in Ferrara, subsequently passing the professional practice state examination in the same year. A member of the Architects Professional Association of Modena since 2001, she works as a freelancer with her own architectural practice in Castelfranco Emilia (Modena), where she offers design and construction management services in the building and commercial sectors. As a result of the passion for art and antiques which she inherited from her family, she collects valuable artifacts and curates exhibitions and installations aimed at promoting both local and foreign artists working in the Emilia-Romagna Region. She promotes and advertises the sculpture works by A. Tavoni, I. Dimitrov, and C. Nicoli, as well as the canvas paintings by G. Covili, P. Ghizzardi, A. Tarozzi, A. Bizzarri and A. C. Simonini. As an expert in the historical classification and evaluation of both modern and antique works of art, she collects, curates and promotes the engraved ceramics (Ceramiche Graffite) of the ancient Este dynasty. She organizes exhibitions and installations to promotes Italian artists who work to revive the pictorial techniques used during the Renaissance, in Este times. Since 2017, she has been an artistic advisor and technical supervisor for the DOLCE ÉPOQUE classical crossover concert.

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