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Composer & Arranger

Attracted to music from a very young age, Marco specializes in the classical and Jazz genres. At the 2001 Arcana Composers Meeting in Adro (Brescia), he attended the lectures of A. Giacometti, R. Andreoni and C. Ambrosini and played his Trio for violin, cello and piano. In 2004 he graduated in Piano with full marks and honours at the Conservatory-equivalent "Vecchi-Tonelli" Institute for Musical Studies in Modena under E. Iori, obtaining the Carmen Campori scholarship. In 2008 he also graduated in Composition under Maestro A. Giacometti. He won several piano competitions including Rovere d'oro, Città d'Albenga and François Grimaldi (where he obtained both the overall First prize and the Rhapsody Award for best chamber music performance). As a composer, he was a finalist at the Nascimbene Award for soundtracks. His compositions were performed within the Modena Philosophy Festival network. In 2012, he collaborated with A. Bellentani and M. S. Maccari on the recording of Blakula! - Back from Mistery City, as well as on D. Manfredini's album Incisioni, produced by C. Pavarotti and M. Neri. He also worked with Maestro S. Giaroli until 2016.His musical versatility allows him to span different genres and styles: beside being invited to participate in the recording of various records including those of the singer-songwriter M. Rovatti, he also works both as a pianist and as a conductor of light operas including La vedova allegra, Chinchilla, La duchessa del bal tabarein, L'acqua cheta, Ballo al Savoy and others. He works with several folk music publishers. With the contemporary classical music ensemble Altre Voci, he brings new authors and previously unpublished works to the attention of the public, including M. Feldman's Extension 3, some of C. Ives's songs, A. Schönberg's Op. 19, A. Berg's Vier Stücke [Four Pieces] for clarinet and piano Op. 5 and F. Poulenc's Sonata for clarinet and piano. He also performs his own compositions exploring the meaning of Haiku and Tanka Japanese poetry. He teaches music at the "O. Pistoni" School (Sassuolo), at the Circolo Bononcini (Vignola) and in state schools.

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